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Free waste management and waste education resources for schools and early learning centres


These resources aim to assist schools and early learning centres to nurture positive waste behaviours in their communities, and to reduce their waste footprint and costs. They cover both the curriculum needs and the practical aspects of school waste management.

There are lots of great online waste education resources out there. Rather than ‘reinventing the wheel’, these toolkits include links to high quality Australian and international materials which enable schools and centres to ‘get started’ on their sustainable waste management journeys. Grateful thanks to the passionate subject area specialists who curated the resources for this collection.

All resources are published under a Creative Commons By Attribution licence and are free for everyone to use, adapt or share.

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A Word

About us

The Waste Education Queensland educational resources were developed in 2019 following extensive stakeholder consultation with waste educators, teachers, environmental educators, parents, education sector representatives and waste industry professionals across Queensland.

This work was largely funded by the Queensland Government but also benefited from significant in-kind support from talented Queensland (and interstate) educators, passionate about promoting sustainable waste management in schools and their communities. The resources support the Queensland Government’s Waste management and resource recovery strategy published in 2019.

We are thrilled to provide these updated resources to schools in 2020 and hope that they encourage school communities to minimise their waste footprint and promote sustainable waste behaviours at school and at home. Grateful thanks to all the contributors to this project and a special thanks to the volunteers who built this web site.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve these guides, please email info@wasteeducation-qld.org

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Mary Rowland & the Project Team