Waste education in Queensland schools report

CLICK the GET BUTTON to download the full document. Report Findings This Waste Education in Queensland Report outlines the findings of a consultation project conducted from January to June 2019 to inform the development of waste education programs. This version of the...

Waste education curriculum resource quality criteria template

CLICK the GET BUTTON to download the full document. What is the quality criteria template for? The quality criteria template provides a useful tool to evaluate curriculum resources for waste education. The quality criteria are: curriculum fit to the Australian...

Waste education glossary

Waste education glossary for waste education in schools. This document is part of the suite of free waste education resources at www.wasteeducation-qld.org

Waste education books for children

A comprehensive collection of waste education books for children used for early childhood, lower primary, middle primary, upper primary and young adult readers. Some of the book titles are recommended by specialist sustainability educators.